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I am just experimenting….making assumptions…It’s not even about the pictures in my head that I am trying to make alive. It’s more about the hypotheses of how they can turn out to be…


Marry Savchenkova (1989) – photographer. Born in Minsk, currently based in Kraków.

The main medium used by author is film photography with multi-exposure techniques. Her visual practice is based on experiments with geometry, forms and objects, both living  and inanimate ones.

Author is driven by the attempts to split and reassemble visible reality into new forms, aimed at transmitting duality, blueness and multi-layerness. With this tools author is exploring such themes as illusion of control and  inner psychological states as loneliness, emptiness and invisibility to others.


2023 – Project presentation forms course – PHOTOPLAY

2022 – Ideas of successful photography course – UAL, London

2020 – 2021 – Moscow Institute of professional and Amateur photos (Photojournalist department)

2012 – 2015 – Belarusian State Academy of Arts (Graphic design) 


2024 – Fingerprint group exhibition – Photoplay center ( – Moscow

2023 – Time Machine Fest group exhibition – ( – Moscow 

2023 – THE SHADOW ASPECT group exhibition – Praxis PHOTO ARTS CENTER (

2023 – Street Photography 2023 group exhibition –  F-STOP Photography Magazine – online (

2022 – Fotokrok group exhibition – VII International Festival of Photography – Vitebsk, Belarus (


2024 – Targi Młodej Sztuki market – Kraków