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I am just experimenting….making assumptions…It’s not even about the pictures in my head that I am trying to make alive. It’s more about the hypotheses of how they can turn out to be…

Marry Savchenkova, a film and street photographer with nearly 15 years of fascination with the art of photography, finds herself currently based in the city of Krakow, Poland. Her photographic journey has led her through various courses in Minsk, Krakow, Moscow, and London, allowing her to refine her skills and artistic vision.

With diverse interests, Marry’s photography revolves around three main directions – street, portraits, and art film photos.

Inspired by the works of esteemed photojournalists and renowned black-and-white street photographers, Marry finds herself drawn to the classic aesthetics of these artistic pioneers. This admiration for the “old-fashioned” style eventually brought her back to the captivating world of film photography.

As she continues to explore her artistic journey, Marry has established her personal darkroom. Through hand-printing techniques, she crafts each photograph ensuring that her images possess a timeless and evocative quality.


Praxis – PHOTO ARTS CENTER. Group Exhibition “THE SHADOW ASPECT”. 20 May  – 3 June 2023 (

F-STOP – A Photography Magazine. Group Exhibition “Street Photography 2023”. –

Fotokrok – VII International Festival of Photography in Vitebsk, Belarus –   22-26 July 2022 (