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I like walking around neglected, abandoned places. These places are already not needed, they are forgotten by everybody. They have fulfilled their function and their services are no longer required. They have their physical cover but the inside is empty. There is loneliness and oblivion. 

I like walking around buildings under construction. The same feeling of emptiness and silence caused by dark window holes. The same level of uninvolvement and abandoness. But there is a high chance that at some point these hollow forms will be filled with life for at least some period of time. That makes them required just not yet.  

For one moment, a period, the state seems to be the same for both objects. The look seems to be the same for both objects. The feeling from both objects is the same. In comparison to each other, they seem to be at the point of equilibrium—the period when both of these palces are not required.

But the inner evolution of both objects is different as each of them goes through its own development stage. And their internal potential – already and not yet used – is what defines further existence.

*Equilibrium, in physics, is the condition of a system when neither its state of motion nor its internal energy state tends to change with time.