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I have been fascinated by enormous metropolitan cities since my childhood when observing them in travel magazines. These massive brick-concrete-iron beasts have been bewitching and frightening me at the same time. 

This love appeared to be even more clear after gaining more and more experience with various cities. I realized that I perceive every metropolis as a standalone living creature with its metabolism and its own pace of heartbeat. 

Some cities are steady and constant. Others are sharp and irregular. Some can be hardly felt while others are beating directly in your head. Some are calming you down giving comfort, others are challenging you by pushing your boundaries. Some cities are fun, some are tachycardic.

And sometimes that one thing that allows you to understand if you want to stay or go further is if your own heartbeat coincides with the beast’s flow. Because for this Leviathan we all are just the blood cells running through his veins. 

*Pulse – a continuous, regular rhythm; a pulse or heartbeat.

*Beat – the pulsation caused by the combination of two waves of slightly different frequencies